Tempe AZ School Grades

Tempe Elementary, Tempe High School and Kyrene Elementary School Districts serving Tempe, Arizona students

Report Cards for School Districts Serving Tempe Arizona in Kyrene Elementary, Tempe Elementary & Tempe High School Districts


Tempe schools include Tempe and Kyrene Elementary and Tempe High School DistrictsSchool district boundary lines overlap city boundary lines and it is not unusual for one city to be served by three or more school districts. Before buying Tempe real estate, check out the schools.

The table below lists all schools within Kyrene Elementary, Tempe Elementary and Tempe High School Districts that may be serving the students within the City of Tempe sorted alphabetically by School District and then alphabetically by the individual school names. Unless a home is in an age-restricted retirement community, all MLS listings specify the elementary, middle and high school whose boundaries encompass the home for sale. If schools are an important factor in selecting a home to purchase, refer to the attached school boundary maps to confirm the MLS listing has correctly listed the assigned schools.

For for the most current 2017 - 2018 School Year, Kyrene Elementary and Tempe Union High School Districts were awarded an overall "A" rating and Tempe Elementary School District was awarded an overall "B" rating compiled by the Arizona Department of Education.

See the list of schools within each School District below to find individual school achievement level.

Kyrene Elementary Schools

Tempe Elementary Schools

Tempe Union High Schools

Tempe AZ homes for sale served by Maricopa County top performing Tempe schools are going to have higher resale value.

Contact Sam with 27 years of real estate experience for assistance in interpreting these scores, locating homes in the top school boundaries, and assistance in buying and selling Tempe real estate and Tempe AZ homes for sale.



School District Boundary Maps for Tempe, Arizona:

Kyrene Elementary School District

Tempe Elementary School District

Tempe Union High School District.




A” rating = Excelling or Exceptional

B” rating = Highly Performing or Above Average

C” rating = Average school performance

D” rating = Below Average or under-performing school

"F" rating = Under-performing schools with a "D" letter grade for three consecutive years are placed in school improvement by the Arizona Department of Education.


Kyrene Elementary School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
C I Waggoner School A
Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School C
Kyrene Altadena Middle School A
Kyrene Aprende Middle School A
Kyrene Centennial Middle School B
Kyrene de la Colina School A
Kyrene de la Esperanza School B
Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School A
Kyrene de la Mariposa School B
Kyrene de la Mirada School A
Kyrene de la Paloma School A
Kyrene de la Sierra School A
Kyrene de las Brisas School A
Kyrene de las Lomas School B
Kyrene de las Manitas School B
Kyrene de los Cerritos School A
Kyrene De Los Lagos School A
Kyrene de los Ninos School B
Kyrene del Cielo School A
Kyrene del Milenio B
Kyrene del Norte School B
Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School A
Kyrene Middle School C
Kyrene Monte Vista School A
Kyrene Traditional Academy B


Tempe Elementary School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
Aguilar School B
Arredondo Elementary School B
Broadmoor Elementary School A
Carminati School B
Connolly Middle School C
Curry Elementary School B
Fees College Preparatory Middle School C
Flora Thew Elementary School C
Frank Elementary School B
Fuller Elementary School A
Getz School NR
Gililland Middle School D
Holdeman Elementary School D
Hudson Elementary School B
Laird Elementary School B
Nevitt Elementary School C
Rover Elementary School B
Scales Technology Academy C
Tempe Academy International Studies -McKemy Campus B
Ward Traditional Academy A
Wood School C


Tempe Union High School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
Corona Del Sol High School A
Desert Vista High School A
Marcos De Niza High School C
Mcclintock High School B
Mountain Pointe High School B
Tempe High School B





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