Selecting Your Home

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Home Buyer Guidance for Selecting a Home

Cost of Living, Risk Analysis, Home Inspection & Care



If you are coming from another part of the country, you'll need an idea of how prices compare to where you live now and how far your money will go.

This tool will compare the cost of living where you are living now to the Phoenix cost of living and help you determine how much of your income can be used for housing and still have money to enjoy your same lifestyle.

Whether you decide to consider new or resale Chandler real estate for sale, homes in Gilbert AZ for sale, Mesa houses for sale AZ or Scottsdale condos, you need to know all of the costs, who is paying them, choose the property based upon what your buyer would want when you eventually sell and then thoroughly inspect and investigate.



There is a customary split of closing costs between the buyer and seller. See who pays what escrow closing costs in Arizona and an escrow map to understand what happens during escrow and what you are required to do during escrow. Before you write an offer, I will provide you an estimate of your closing costs based upon the sales price, HOA fees and property taxes for the home you are making an offer.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a resale home through a REALTOR® in Arizona is the purchase contract we use requires the seller to pay the Owner's Title Policy. In most states, the buyer has to pay all of the title charges. Many builders use their own purchase contracts and many bank foreclosure addenda are added to our Arizona Purchase Contract that requires the buyer to pay the owner's title policy. This charge varies with the price of the home, but it is many hundreds to thousands of dollars.



In some cases, buying a foreclosure home may be your best bet. But it is not the best solution for everyone.

Cash buyers may want to learn more about buying foreclosures at the trustee sale. The buyer can save many thousands of dollars in doing so, but it is not for the faint of heart. You buy the property "as is", often unseen with all sales final. If this is something you want to know more about, contact me. Regardless of what the late night television real estate gurus tell you, there are risks and rewards we can discuss in detail. Expect homes that become a short sale or foreclosure have not been maintained properly. There is plenty of deferred maintenance that will have to be repaired.

If a home has gone through trustee sale and is now owned by the bank, there are fewer risks in buying. The main advantage is being able to inspect the home after contracting to purchase. You still have to buy the home "as is", but you can back out of the purchase during the inspection period and have your money returned to you if the repair costs will exceed your budget.

Some banks repair and remodel the home before they put it up for sale. Others do not. The ones that need repair will have to be repaired after you own the property. If you don't have the cash to pay for the repairs and remodeling, you may be able to add the cost of repair to the loan amount. Contact me if you want to learn more



Good schools are important to everyone. Go to this comprehensive school report cards for Phoenix-area school districts.



I actively track over 400 Master Planned communities and developments currently being built in the Metro Phoenix area to be able to provide you New Home Information and current home buyer incentive programs.



Purchasing a new home you are going to have built is exciting. Consider new home "In Phase" home Inspections being done while your home is being built. The first inspection should be done before the slab is even poured and the other inspections are to be done at critical junctures in the build process.

You have selected the home that you and your family are going to enjoy living in. But wait. You don't know all you need to about the home. Read this home inspection overview - why you want one.

So you are now convinced to want a home inspection, but you want to know who to use. Which home inspector to choose? is a quick list of suggested questions to ask a home inspector before hiring them to inspect your home during the inspection period. Request a list of Home Inspectors I work with who have received high praise by past clients.

Prior to making an offer on a home or during your home inspection period, be sure to check the Arizona Sex Offenders directory.



A recent issue in Arizona has come to light. As outlying areas are being developed, surface fissures are appearing as the result of water being pumped out of our aquifers faster than it can be replenished by nature and by our own aquifer "gray water" recharging systems. The Arizona legislature has authorized funding for Arizona Geological Surveys to create detailed Arizona Geological Survey Fissure maps by County showing areas with surface fissures. Sellers are now being required to disclose known fissures on or near their property to prospective buyers.

Concerned about airport flight patterns and noise? This site has airport noise contour maps for both military and commercial airports within Arizona.

New home developments are required to pay attention to water flow within their subdivision. But this was not always the case and subsequent events occurring outside of the subdivision may inadvertently affect other properties.
Determine your new home flood risk by simply entering the home address to learn the flood risk level of your home or prospective home.

If you buy a property located in a high-risk flood zone, your lender will require you to pay an annual premium for flood insurance in addition to your standard homeowner's insurance policy. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has produced
Maricopa County Flood Maps to help you identify whether the home you want to buy is in a flood zone before you write a purchase offer.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has maps of Superfund sites in the Phoenix area you should consult before deciding on your next home purchase.


New EPA High-Efficiency Standards for air conditioning drive up replacement costs when air conditioning repair is not practical or possible and a unit replacement is required for older air conditioning units to a higher efficiency unit with a minimum of SEER 13. Make sure you have a certified A/C technician inspect your A/C during the inspection phase before you close escrow on your home purchase.


Foundation problems are uncommon in Arizona, but they can and do occur. The good news is they are curable. With  proper foundation care, foundation problems can be avoided altogether. By following the rules of proper foundation care, you will also reduce potential mold issues.

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