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Phoenix Home Seller Guide

Three Free Estimates of Your Home's Worth with the Number of Buyers we have looking for a home just like yours! - Sam Elam, Associate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

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Phoenix Home Seller Guide


Phoenix AZ Home Seller Guide Shows How to Price, Prepare, Stage, Market and Sell Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa AZ homes for sale QUICKLY at the HIGHEST PRICE.


Marketing Plan for Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa AZ homes

These are typical questions sellers ask me. Let's talk after you review the data from the link below:

  • What is my home worth?
  • What is my competition?
  • How many buyers are looking for a home like mine?
  • How long will it take to sell my home?
  • How can I sell my home and buy another at the same time?
  • Are sellers taking contingent offers?
  • Are sellers paying buyer costs? What's the best way to help the buyer with their costs (if I have to) and maximize my net after sale?
  • What are current mortgage rates and what's the best loan for me when I go to buy my new home?


Our Phoenix Southeast Valley real estate market has made a dramatic recovery since January 2012. Distressed sales are normal at 2% of sales and have minimal impact on traditional sales values! As bank owned and short sale homes subside, sales prices continue to rise gradually EVERY MONTH.

Request an In-Depth Home Valuation to determine your home's current market value and an estimated cash Net you receive at closing to invest in another home, before you make any decisions about selling your home!

Ask Sam about Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 20 Point Marketing Plan that gets Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa AZ homes for sale SOLD fast for the highest market value!


If you are looking for top dollar on the sale of your home, late spring through early summer will be a very active real estate market and you should be able to get your price as long as you are priced at or close to market value. The problem with this strategy is difficulty in finding a replacement home, competing with all the buyers out there. You may have to up your offer to get the home you want.

If you are looking to find a good value on your new purchase, then you should be buying when there is less competition during the end of the year and the first two months of the next year. The problem with this strategy, your home may be on the market longer to find your ideal buyer, be prepared to list your home at a very competitive price and expect more price negotiations to maximize your net at closing.

So the answer depends on your priorities and what concessions you are willing to make. We need to look at your present neighborhood sales history, the market data for the neighborhood you want to move to and the model home you want to buy to know what is best.


Phoenix New home builders know the importance of model home staging and ensure their model homes are uncluttered, attractive and feel "homey" to Buyers. This is exactly what you want to do to your home, too. My goal is to increase your home's buyer appeal to get the highest price.

Review my Quick Home Staging Checklist or contact me to have a professional interior decorator analyze photos of rooms in your home at no charge. For a very nominal fee an interior designer will come to your home for further analysis.

My consultation services include recommendations to enhance marketability of your home by staging your home to impress home buyers when they view your home online first and then in person. This may include: adding colorful plants in the front yard, removing cobwebs, increasing interior light, removing walkway obstacles, removing excess clothes in overcrowded closets, doing required fix up, moving or removing furniture, removing buyer distractions such as too many photos and collectibles, etc., to get your home in top "selling" shape to net you the most money.

All of these suggestions are based upon years of my experience working with and listening to Buyers critique homes. I know what Buyers want in a home and how they expect a home to look when they view them. Staging your home for profit and high impact on a Buyer will provide the maximum selling price for your home. These Do-It-Yourself home staging tips will give you basic home staging tips to prepare your home for sale.

Avoiding These Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home.It is best to become the "care taker" for your home's new owner. You're getting your home ready for the new buyer.

Call me to preview your home and offer home staging suggestions to make your home more appealing to the majority of buyers.


Ideally, a professional home inspection and all repairs are done in advance of marketing your home. Sellers often don't want to do repairs in advance because the money to pay for repairs has to come out of pocket before their home sells or they think the Buyers won't care about having the work done or they think the buyers may fail to discover problems.

Buyers want to buy a home without problems and they go to a great deal of expense to hire an inspector to discover them. Once the problems are discovered, buyers will ask the Seller to fix the problems or worse. Sometimes a list of problems undermines the Buyer's confidence in the home and they cancel the escrow within the option period without giving the Seller a chance to agree to do the repairs. Buyers can be very demanding. Fix all problems before Buyers see your home and avoid these issues.

Buyers won't pay top dollar for a home they perceive has not been properly maintained or needs work or is outdated and needs extensive remodeling. Buyers aren't aware what it costs to make repairs and often estimate as much as twice what the repair costs would be. The moral of the story is to make the repairs and give it an update before your home goes on the market. You want your home to make a good impression on buyers when they see it... the second time! The first time buyers will see your home is in their home on the internet. If your home doesn't make a good first impression on the internet, buyers will never come to your home for the second viewing.


Get a jump on the competition! Air conditioning systems typically only last 12-15 years before they have to be replaced. If yours is "on its last legs", tax credits make the cost of upgrading your system more affordable and gives you a competitive edge with buyers who value the lower energy costs to cool the home.

New Federal Energy Standards for High Efficiency Air Conditioning (HVAC) means homes with older HVAC units will have much higher A/C replacement costs. After January 01, 2015 all new HVAC units built will be the larger, heavier and more costly SEER 14 units. But there was an 18 month grace period so SEER 13 HVAC units in existing inventory could be installed. After July 1, 2016 all new HVAC units installed are SEER 14 rated. Verify what your builder installed in your new home.

Buyers will be reluctant to buy older homes with older A/C units more than ever before, as they learn what is involved in running and replacing them. Home warranty contracts are going to be more costly to insure homes with older A/C units. Current and future Sellers of existing homes are well advised to evaluate A/C replacement and regularly maintain their A/C units to avoid costly repairs or premature replacement costs later.


Call me for a current list of recommended inspectors, handyman & repair companies some are more than willing to do the work before your home goes on the market and wait for the escrow to close to receive payment for their work. Obviously, they expect to be paid in the event your home does not sell. They won't wait forever, but they are patient. Confirm how long they will wait to be paid.

New carpet companies I work with may defer payment until closing so that the work is done up front before the home marketing begins. Obviously your home will sell faster and for more money when the buyer can see the home is well maintained and needs no work. Ask me for more details.


Getting repairs done before you list your Phoenix home for sale will attract buyers who don't want to buy someone else's problems. Buyers know we are in a strong Buyer's Market and they won't accept homes with outstanding deferred maintenance items.

The purchase contract provides the buyer has 7-10 days to inspect the property and determine if the condition is acceptable. If problems are discovered, the seller is given very little time to get bids for the repair work and negotiate with the buyer before the buyer is forced to cancel the purchase within the inspection period.

Some Buyers eventually enter into 3 and 4 purchase contracts and have inspections done for each home until they find a home that doesn't need foundation, roof or other costly repairs. You will have to pay for these repairs anyway. As a convenience to you, call for a list of real estate home inspectors and recommended repair companies is provided here.

These service companies are recommended, but are not guaranteed. They have done good work in the past for others, but there is no guarantee they will be able to so in every case. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact service providers you who have satisfactorily completed work for you in the past. This list is being provided for your convenience to get multiple quotes before you employ a company.

Are you thinking about doing some remodeling of your home to increase its value? I can provide you figures for the return you can expect for certain remodel jobs. I have a list of questions to ask to help you select a reliable, qualified Home Remodel Contractor.


While we're searching for your buyer, I'll keep you updated on the changes in the housing market and future trends using the latest real estate statistics for our local area so you can make adjustments (up or down) to reflect current market conditions. After all, I understand you want to net the most money in the shortest period of time.

Are you thinking about selling your Phoenix home or acquiring Phoenix real estate investment property but you aren't sure the timing is right? Please don't hesitate to call or email me for a complementary update-to-date real estate market analysis to help you make your decision. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


When buying or selling Phoenix real estate, it is very important to have confidence in the Phoenix real estate professional you employ. As a Certified Residential Specialist, I meet the highest standards of the National Association of Realtors for ethics, proven performance and real estate knowledge. Only a select 3% of all real estate agents have met these standards to earn the CRS designation, yet our combined sales equal 25% of all the real estate SOLD in the United States! In addition, I am a Graduate of the Realtor Institute and an Internet Qualified Realtor.

As a full time, real estate professional since 1990, my extensive real estate knowledge and experience enables me to pinpoint the market value of your home, my proven results of strong negotiating skills ensure "you won't leave money on the table" at closing and my personalized transaction management services keep you continually updated on where we are in the process of finding a buyer and then getting the escrow closed and your home SOLD on time.


Lenders are more motivated than ever before to work with you until you can get back on your feet, so you can avoid losing your home through foreclosure.

Has a sudden loss or drop in income due to a job loss or forced reduction in pay, divorce, medical expenses or an increase in your adjustable loan rate made it impossible for you to make your home mortgage payments? Contact your lender as soon as possible and see what they can do to help you.

In some cases lenders may, based upon the cause and severity of your financial hardship, forgive all or part of your loan amount and/or adjust your loan rate permanently or temporarily lower your loan payment or agree to cooperate in a short sale so you can sell your home.

Worried you can't make your house payments?

You need to know What Your Home Is Worth and how much equity you have.
Contact Sam or call 480-213-1799 to request an In-Depth Home Valuation  

If you cooperate with your lender, you may be able to reestablish your credit 2 years after a Pre-Foreclosure (Short Sale) versus a 5 year wait after a Bank Foreclosure! Contact me to sell your home before you lose it. It is important to start the dialog with your lender as early as possible and with your authorization to negotiate with your lender on your behalf.

Arizona Homestead law will protect your equity in your home up to $150,000 AFTER taxes and your home loans are paid off.

In some cases homeowners are selling their homes to cover large bills or to meet expenses. A popular alternative to raise money is to take out an Equity Loan. But this may not be the best answer because the equity loan still needs to be repaid monthly. If the homeowner has a good deal of equity in the home, lenders will give you a Reverse Mortgage that allows you to take out part of your equity in cash for whatever you need while you continue to live in your home and receive a monthly check FROM your lender. The homeowner receives monthly income for the term of the agreement and the lender collects his money when your home is sold upon your death. Ultimately, the lender gets title to the homeowner's home in exchange for the money paid to the homeowner during their lifetime. You have the option to sell your home before you die and pay off the lender at that time.


As a full time real estate agent since 1990 and Arizona Associate Broker, I have the power of Berkshire Hathaway Arizona Properties Marketing System to sell your home quickly for the highest price in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale.

Are you ready to Sell Your Phoenix Home, but not sure about Timing?

You need to talk to Sam and request an In-Depth Home Valuation


Phoenix AZ Home Seller Guide Shows You How to Price, Prepare, Stage, Market and Sell Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa AZ homes for sale QUICKLY at the HIGHEST PRICE.

Contact Sam

Sam Elam - Arizona Real Estate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

Sam Elam

Arizona Real Estate Broker
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EMAIL: SamElam3@msn.com

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