Mesa AZ School Grades

Mesa Arizona Unified School District Individual School Performance Scores

Report Cards for Schools Serving Mesa Arizona in Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek School Districts


School district boundary lines overlap city boundary lines and it is not unusual for one city to be served by three or more school districts. Before buying Mesa AZ real estate, you should check out the schools, too.

Mesa Schools include Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek school districts The table below lists all schools within Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek Unified School Districts that may be serving the students within the City of Mesa sorted alphabetically by School District and then alphabetically by the individual school names. Unless a home is in an age-restricted retirement community, all MLS listings specify the elementary, middle and high school whose boundaries encompass the home for sale. If schools are an important factor in selecting a home to purchase, refer to the attached school boundary maps to confirm the MLS listing has correctly listed the assigned schools.

For the most recent 2017 - 2018 School Year, Gilbert and Queen Creek Unified School Districts were awarded an overall "A" rating and Mesa Unified School District was awarded an overall "B" rating by the Arizona Department of Education.


View all schools within each School District listed below to find individual school achievement level.

♦ Gilbert USD School Report Cards

♦ Mesa USD School Report Cards

♦ Queen Creek USD School Report Cards


Mesa homes for sale AZ served by Maricopa County top performing Mesa schools are going to have higher resale value.


Contact Sam with 28 years of real estate experience for assistance in interpreting these scores, locating homes in the top school boundaries and assistance in buying and selling Mesa real estate and homes for sale AZ.



View individual School District Boundary Maps for Mesa, Arizona that includes:



A” rating = Excelling or Exceptional

B” rating = Highly Performing or Above Average

C” rating = Average school performance

D” rating = Below Average or under-performing school

"F" rating = Under-performing schools with a "D" letter grade for three consecutive years are placed in school improvement by the Arizona Department of Education.



Gilbert Unified School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
Ashland Elementary A
Augusta Ranch Elementary B
Boulder Creek Elementary B
Burk Elementary School A
Campo Verde High School A
Canyon Rim Elementary A
Carol Rae Ranch Elementary A
Desert Ridge High B
Desert Ridge Jr. High B
Finley Farms Elementary B
Gilbert Classical Academy High School A
Gilbert Classical Academy Junior High A
Gilbert Elementary School B
Gilbert High School B
Greenfield Elementary School A
Greenfield Junior High School B
Harris Elementary School B
Highland High School B
Highland Jr High School B
Highland Park Elementary A
Houston Elementary School B
Islands Elementary School A
Meridian B
Mesquite Elementary School A
Mesquite High School B
Mesquite Jr High School C
Neely Traditional Academy A
Oak Tree Elementary B
Patterson Elementary School B
Pioneer Elementary School A
Playa del Rey Elementary School A
Quartz Hill Elementary A
Settlers Point Elementary C
Sonoma Ranch Elementary School A
South Valley Jr. High A
Spectrum Elementary A
Superstition Springs Elementary B
Towne Meadows Elementary School B
Val Vista Lakes Elementary School A
Mesa Unified School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
Adams Elementary School C
Brinton Elementary A
Bush Elementary B
Carson Junior  High School C
Crismon Elementary School B
Dobson High School C
Eagleridge Enrichment Program B
Edison Elementary School C
Eisenhower Center for Innovation B
Emerson Elementary School B
Entz Elementary School A
Falcon Hill Elementary School C
Field Elementary School B
Franklin at Alma Elementary B
Franklin at Brimhall Elementary A
Franklin East Elementary School A
Franklin Junior High School A
Franklin West Elementary A
Fremont Junior High School B
Guerrero Elementary School C
Hale Elementary School A
Hawthorne Elementary School D
Hermosa Vista Elementary School A
Highland Elementary School B
Holmes Elementary School D
Irving Elementary School B
Ishikawa Elementary School A
Jefferson Elementary School B
Johnson Elementary School B
Keller Elementary School C
Kerr Elementary School C
Kino Junior High School D
Las Sendas Elementary School A
Lehi Elementary School C
Lincoln Elementary School B
Lindbergh Elementary School C
Longfellow Elementary School C
Lowell Elementary School B
MacArthur Elementary School A
Madison Elementary School B
Mendoza Elementary School A
Mesa Academy Advanced Studies A
Mesa High School C
Mountain View High School B
O'Connor Elementary School B
Patterson Elementary B
Pomeroy Elementary School B
Porter Elementary School C
Poston Junior High School C
Red Mountain High School B
Red Mountain Ranch Elementary A
Redbird Elementary School C
Rhodes Junior High School F
Robson Elementary School B
Roosevelt Elementary School C
Salk Elementary School C
Shepherd Junior High School C
Sirrine Elementary School B
Skyline High School C
Smith Junior High School C
Sousa Elementary School B
Stapley Junior High School B
Stevenson Elementary School D
Summit Academy A
Taft Elementary School A
Taylor Junior High School C
Washington Elementary School A
Webster Elementary School D
Westwood High School D
Whitman Elementary School C
Whittier Elementary School D
Wilson Elementary School A
Zaharis Elementary A
Queen Creek Unified School District  
2017 - 2018 School Year Report Cards  
School Name Grade
Desert Mountain Elementary A
Frances Brandon-Pickett Elementary A
Gateway Polytechnic Academy B
Jack Barnes Elementary School A
Newell Barney Junior High School A
Queen Creek Elementary School A
Queen Creek High School A
Queen Creek Middle School B
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