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WALLETHUB’s 2015 Best and Worst Cities for Wallet Wellness and Happiness


WalletHub compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities to determine their Wallet Wellness score - which is a composite of physical, emotional, environment and financial well-being factors.

WalletHub has identified 12 key metrics to gauge the responsibility with which consumers manage their finances and their lifestyles in an environment that is conducive to promoting wealth creation and upward mobility for a higher quality of life.

WalletHub has adjusted the median household income based on the cost of living, so the reader can find an area with a high quality of life that offers them the best opportunity to meet all financial obligations and save for a comfortable retirement later in life.

Considering the median age of Gilbert AZ is just 32 (see chart), retirement is a long way off for most residents. Gilbert is young and vibrant where the family formation is a higher priority now. Home prices are affordable, especially when considering the high annual income earned by these well-educated residents. Gilbert is a wonderful place to call home, but there are other communities in east valley worth your consideration that may be more compatible with your needs. Call to have a discussion.

Area Information for Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale can be found under the heading "My Area" and/or request more information about the Metro Phoenix area cities.

The top 10 cities in the U.S. for the Highest Median Household Income are:
(Cost of Living Adjusted)

#1 – Gilbert, Arizona

#2 – Fremont, California

#3 – Plano, Texas

#4 – Chandler, Arizona

#5 – Overland, Kansas

#6 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

#7 – Scottsdale, Arizona

#8 – Lincoln, Nebraska

#9 – Peoria, Arizona

#10- Austin, Texas


Other Arizona cities ranked in this survey are:

#67 – Mesa, Arizona

#68 – Tempe, Arizona

#69 – Phoenix, Arizona

#83 – Glendale, Arizona

#112 – Tucson, Arizona


Top 5 U.S. Cities with Highest Ownership Rate:

#1 – Port St. Lucie, Florida

#2 – Pembroke Pines, Florida

#3 – Chesapeake, Virginia

#4 – Gilbert, Arizona

#5 – Peoria, Arizona

See the complete list of all 150 largest U.S. cities and their individual rank and WalletHub recommendations to achieve the success you deserve.

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