Happy buyers being congratulated on their escrow closing by their broker, Sam ElamWhen you are considering purchasing a new home in Arizona, it is very important for your REALTOR® to accompany you to the New Home Builder sales office - during your FIRST visit to the model home site - to REGISTER YOU or the builder may not allow you to have your own REALTOR® buyer representation to guide and advise you during your home purchase on all matters that are in your best interest.


Your REALTOR® may be able to call ahead and pre-register you in advance of your visit to the models without you being accompanied the FIRST time, but the Builder has to agree to this in advance. If you have visited a Builder a while ago, you still may be able to use your REALTOR®. Definitely disclose who you are working with and disclose you have signed a buyer representation agreement with your REALTOR®. If the Builder salesman requires your REALTOR® to be present, leave without giving them any information about you and immediately call your REALTOR® to schedule a time to return to the new home builder sales office together.


I have been hearing about some unfortunate experiences involving Builders refusing to allow Buyers to have their REALTOR® during the purchase of their new home. This refusal is caused by Buyers stopping at the model home sites without their REALTOR®. To avoid this, the first course of action is to advise the builder's salesman, you want to tour their model homes and then have them call me first… even if you are "just looking". The on-site builder sales representatives are typically very nice, but they are working 100% for the Seller. That is their job. If you want buyer representation with your advocate watching out for your best interests, you need to follow the regulations set forth by each individual builder. Call your REALTOR®. It is not an inconvenience.


Keep in mind, if a Builder refuses to allow you to use a REALTOR®, you will have no representation in your purchase and the price of the home will be the same either way. In other words, your REALTOR®’s services are FREE to you as long as you follow the rules.


If you are out exploring and want to make a stop to look at some model homes, it is important to tell the builder’s sales representative that you are working with a REALTOR® when you walk in the door. If they say anything negative about you wanting to have an advocate to ensure you are not being taken advantage of or not getting all that you deserve, I recommend leaving right away and then returning with your REALTOR®. If they are fine with you walking the models, then go ahead, but Do NOT fill out a registration card or provide any identification. If they insist upon you providing your contact information on their registration card, include the REALTOR®'s name, telephone, and email. Then immediately call your REALTOR® and give him the salesman's name and telephone number, so your REALTOR® can call the salesman immediately.


If you want to return a second time, schedule an appointment with your REALTOR® to accompany you. If you have already visited the Builder’s site without your REALTOR®, have your REALTOR® reach out to the builder's sales staff and to get you registered before you stop in again. After the initial visit when your REALTOR® registers you, you may come back as often as you like to check all the options and details before your Design Center appointment when you REALTOR® will be present to assist you with your options selections.


Do not provide your contact information when you go on New Home Builder's websites. This can cause the same difficulty. If you like what you see on the builder website, call your REALTOR® to arrange to register you Online and at the builder's tract sales office.


Check with your REALTOR® about the rules in Arizona to make sure you have the benefits of "no cost - to you" buyer representation when you purchase a new home. The builder's salesman ONLY represents the builder in the purchase AT ALL TIMES. Not you!! You need and deserve someone with years of experience representing buyers in a very costly and very important purchase decision. You can't afford and you don't want to be learning on the job what to do and not do. And why would you want to? The builder pays me to get you to the closing table when it is time to sign and get your house keys. It is a cost of doing business the builder has already justified.


What I do to assist you in purchasing your new home: 1) identification of area, subdivision, floorplan, location within the community, 2) selection of features, upgrades and lot, 3) negotiation of contract terms, 4) participate in frame walk inspection prior to drywall, 5) final home inspection prior to builder New Home Orientation "blue tag" inspection and acceptance of your home. 6) I also manage any issues that arise due to construction delays, escrow coordination and negotiation of contract and delivery delays.


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