Phoenix Arizona Home buyers enjoying their new home in the location, price range and lifestyle they want now!

This series of essential tips for Arizona home buyers are designed to help you through the home buying process – a road map to follow while buying a home for sale in Arizona to ensure a smooth transaction – and, most importantly, a rewarding home ownership experience.

Your Home Choice Is based upon Location, Price Range and Lifestyle


Arizona home buyers evaluate and adjust their wants and needs as they see what is available in their preferred area and price range - and when they receive new information from their REALTOR®. It is part of the learning process. Feel free to change priorities, areas, etc. until you find the right home for you.

As a professional REALTOR®, my preference is to invest the time with you upfront in my office during our initial meeting to ask and learn what you, as the buyers, want and need and keep asking probing questions until I fully understand what you want and are seeking. The wants and needs of every decision maker will be taken into account, the differences discussed, so everyone is in agreement what are the important features of their new home before we go out to look at homes. My Arizona home buyers are better prepared to look at homes objectively before they arrive to "try them on for size" to see how a home fits into their lifestyle now and in the future.

When we find the "perfect" home, don't make the mistake of passing up a wonderful home that has everything you want at a price you can afford because you think you will find another even better home than the perfect home you just discovered. That is a recipe for loss and regret. Keep looking until you find that perfect home and then make an offer as soon as possible before someone else finds "your" home and makes an offer, while you are thinking about it over or whatever. We have a limited inventory and a lot of buyers looking for homes.

You won't get a hard sell from me about a home. But if we find a home I think is ideal, I am going to tell you why I think it is the best choice based upon all of your criteria and why you should act quickly before another buyer is willing to act faster.

Before our meeting, please decide on the lifestyle that you want to have because this will determine the type of home you want to buy.

Condo or Single Family Detached Home?


First time home buyers with limited income, singles and empty-nesters may want to see how much home a condo provides. The appeal of a condo lifestyle is lower maintenance, proximity to work, friends and activities, lower purchase price and amenities like a fitness center, pool, and spa. It is great to have all those amenities of a condo community – if you are really going to use them. I remind them of all the empty gyms and pools. Beware - condo fees can rise and special assessments can add cost. It is important to research what is maintained by the association and what has to be maintained by the condo owner. Don't assume anything! We also look at how much purchasing power is lost by having to pay mandatory condo fees. Those looking for higher return should consider detached homes appreciate faster than condos.


Buying a home is a big step. Do your homework. Check out other homes in the neighborhood. You are not just buying a home; you are buying into a neighborhood within the community.

Use this checklist before you buy as a minimum:

  • Do you like the neighborhood appearance? Can you see the pride of ownership?
  • What will your friends say about your choice?
  • Are the neighbors taking care of their yards like you will be?
  • Did you stop and ask the neighbors about the house you want to buy? About the neighborhood? Were they welcoming? Can they be your best friends or worse nightmare?
  • Is the home backing to a busy street?
  • Is there air traffic or railroad crossing noise or unwanted odors from a dairy or nearby business?
  • Are schools, restaurants, shopping, fire, police, hospitals and entertainment nearby?
  • Did you check on local crime stats and sexual offender websites?
  • Go to the local supermarket on weekends and take a look at who shops there.

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